TM1 Dimension Order


A quick note on the decades-old topic of dimension order. In a nutshell: don’t really trust System Order, it ignores changing the last dimension and it’s always the most impactful one. Ignore the rest of the post and move on, carry on if you’re interested in my ramblings on it. There’s a metric ton of…

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Insight 2015 recap

Well, it’s already / finally over and I must say I’m very impressed. I didn’t expect anything close to what it was for me: I met heaps of great people, learned a lot of new things and had a few long nights out ) I also got a massive cold so I’m spending the last…

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See you at Insight 2015

I’m finally going to bat country, yay! And not just going, I’ll even be onstage (just for a few minutes, don’t worry). Our presentation was approved, so on 26-Oct at 10:30 AM-11:30 AM, we’d be talking about TM1 in Sanofi Aventis. It took a good part of my youth last 3 years, but we do…

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