Hello dear reader.

My name is Yuri Kudryavcev and I write this blog for piling up practical advices on IBM Cognos/Oracle products implementation (been at it since 2003) and CPM&OLAP notes.  I’ve been here and there and almost lost count of completed projects (more than fingers, hence the problem).

I really like the technical part of all this CUBing stuff and wrote a PhD on using Map-Reduce for OLAP cubes at some point. And I can talk about it anytime, day or night, so now they make me review papers for computer science conferences on all these lattices, graphs and mathematical scribblings. And I like it.

I’m an IBM Champion web badge

My LinkedIn profile, there’s more bragging there.
If you got any questions on whatsoever feel free to comment or drop a line on mail@ykud.com.


  • Blanca

    Don`t bother bears – they are all mine.

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  • Aashish Niphadkar

    I have gone through your blog where you have said about creating a flag cube, I created the same and now when I put the model as stacked dimension the and I log in as test user I see all the models. Want to know if I am doing something wrong?
    Appreciate your response…

  • ykud

    Hi Aashish,

    I think you can’t nest the dimensions, you can only have one in columns or rows and another in context (pages), can you try it?

    If you want to nest them, you’d need to put flag in columns and apply zero suppression, but that usually causes a huge overfeed (feeding flags is usually a bad idea).


  • Aashish Niphadkar

    I tried the way you have said it works perfect. Nesting don’t work.