TM1-related comments

A couple of good IBM links: IBM posted a really good ‘all things about locking’ TM1 Guide, read it if you have trouble sleeping TM1Top is officially back ) A quick choosing hardware for TM1 update: I was compiling some hardware specs for TM1 and wanted to highlight some of the main assumptions I use. […]

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Drug Discovery, Development & Commercialization at Coursera

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 3.59.47 pm

Just finished yet another Coursera course and am very impressed by quality of content and lectures. This time it was more of a ’subject matter’/‘business’ course rather than the usual technical stuff. Pharmaceuticals is definitely my ‘main’ industry: I spent a lot of time doing projects for various pharma companies in multiple countries. My first project, 14 years ago (sniff-sniff), […]

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TM1 application maintenance utility and SingleSignOn

IBM reworked the way approval hierarchies work quite a bit in TM1 10.2. Refreshing any changes to approval hierarchies or updating application security now requires calling a special application maintenance utility. It’s all fairly straightforward, you do the approval subset changes as usual and then run the command line to trigger app_maintenance.bat file. You can […]

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