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Using session variables in Cognos BI

Just a quick Cognos BI hint: you can use session variables to store project-level constant values. I’m a big fan of ‘feature-rich’ ETL reports showing not only what dimension element mismatch between systems, but also allowing seamless editing of element mapping. This usually means drilling down from report into external application for dimension mapping. Parameters [...]

Cognos BI OLAP querying

Sometimes it’s best to be late with fulfilling promises. Was I to write this post a month earlier, I wouldn’t be able to give people using Cognos BI with Microsoft Analysis Services and Oracle Essbase a life-saving advice. At least, the advice that I’d be really grateful a couple of years ago.   A month [...]

BedRockTM1: code samples and methodology

A new TM1 resource just popped up on my radar. Take a close look at Overall approach excites coder part of me: modular development, agile, best practice source code — all this is actually very helpful. Having so much Turbo Integrator ‘how-to’s solves a lot of ‘re-inventing the bicycle’ cases. As far as I [...]

Cognos BI Proven Practice articles

If you’re a serious Cognos BI shop with Dev-Test-Prod migration and release management, you definitely have to read this Proven Practice article. Overall, proven practice articles are very good, I’ve skimmed through half a dozen of them. It seems that the easiest way to gain full article list is to filter by cognos_business_intelligence tag. This [...]

TM1 Load Testing and TM1 9.5.2 Parallel Interaction Feature

We’ve just finished our TM1 load-testing project and there are some conclusions I’d like to share: 1) Stress-testing scenarios should model user’s behavior as closely as possible (hence all that xml configuration in stress-testing tool) 2) Performance whack-a-mole game is a non-ending one, you’d better put yourself some deadlines where to stop at 3) Real-model [...]

Cognos 8 BI process architecture and capacity planning

Spent half an hour sketching up Cognos process architecture — what goes where and when. Will refer to this drawing in my future hardware planning assigments   Comments: You can separate all components (Gateway, Application Server, Content Manager) into separate machines There can be only one Content Manager service active in cluster at a time [...]

Oracle Essbase and Oracle BI 11

Just in case you missed it — read this two posts by Mark Rittman (OBIEE 11g for Hyperion Users – Are We There Yet?, Incremental Essbase Metadata Imports Now Possible with OBIEE 11g) on the oh-so painful topic of Essbase-BI integration. I participated in some projects with this combination a couple of  years ago (when [...]

Fast = True

Always thought it was a joke … Up until today. Really, there is a Speed = True parameter in Transformer MDL.  I adore developer’s sense of humour )   PS: There’s so much going on lately — hold on for some interesting news & posts.

Aggregate awareness and Cognos BI

There was yet another discussion on this topic on Cognoise, so I’ve decided to list all the variants I’m aware of in this post. What is an aggregate? One of the main ways to speed up your DWH is to use aggregate tables, so that every time you ask about monthly sales per region system [...]

New Cognos BI and TM1 content from IBM

Cognos 10 Redbook is now avalaible on IBM site. I always respected RedBooks initiative, because these are actual books with lots of practical knowledge, not just product documentation. I’ve only skimmed through this book, it seems less tips’n’tricks than Packt one about Cognos 8 Report Studio. But it’s a very good overall coverage of what [...]