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Back from winter-sleep

Okay, it has been almost half-a-year (oh, dears) since the last decent post on this blog. Russian one has suffered as well, I must note. Reasons vary, but mostly it’s that I’ve been, you know, busy-busy. As I now start to reflect on it, it’s always a point of view thing and a question of [...]

New Oracle&Hyperion blog

Nice overview and details. I’d only seen cubegeek posting Hyperion-related stuff.

Hyperion on edelivery

Well, I’m last to notice — they’ve brought all hyperion apps on Started unwrapping this mid-summer present today. It took me quite a time to get to Hyperion Planning LogOn screen, I must admit. This is no Analyst out-of-box experience, this is serious software with lots of ports&services stuff ) And AIX 64 capable [...]

Rittman on Oracle+Hyperion

Definitely worth reading. I’m just confused with EPB future. And if EPB will be changed by Hyperion products, all EPF concepts falls. Future of products will remain unclear until Oracle explains their plans in detail. But the main goal Oracle’s is obvious. Got the illustration from Tom Kyte’s blog.

Oracle To Buy Hyperion

Oh my God. CNN article Anyway, that’ll give me access to Essbase and I wanted that.

Analyst Break-Back and US Patents

Break-back (write-back, back-solve, anyway you like) is crucial for performing what-if analysis. Being a techie lately and, moreover, writing a PHD on OLAP subject I wanted to find out how that technique is realized in Cognos EP, MS AS and others. Well, they don’t write that in documentation for sure. But there’s a very good [...]

More on Hyperion

Had a meeting with Hyperion guys from UK. They were mostly on BI side, we were interested mostly in Planning. Hyperion BI is totally ruined by absence of meta data layer. Renaming columns by views to get business-user perspective is considered weird nowadays. So nothing that interesting on BI. Essbase caught our attention surely — [...]