Cognos TM1 Application Server JMX Monitoring

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 4.18.45 pm

As some of you already noticed, TM1 applications server (the java engine that drives your Contributor Applications, Operations Console and (from 10.2) TM1Web), is quite a sensitive beast. And where there’s sensitivity, there’s a need for care monitoring. In this post I’ll show how to attach JConsole to TM1 Application Server for monitoring. TM1 apps […]

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Cognos BI reporting on TM1


We’re about 70% done in the project that took 110% of my time lately and it’s all about using Cognos BI on top of TM1 (with a bit of DWH in Cognos DataManager,  that’ll be a separate post). Good time to write down some notes on how to develop efficient reports with TM1 as a […]

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TM1 Stress Test tool gets an update


I’ve updated TM1 Stress \ Load Testing Tool over the weekend (vesrion 0.2, probably). Now it handles memory a lot better and has a new parameter called seconds_between_actions in session configurations. Parameter is quite obvious, it just says how long will the coffee break between reading and writing bursts be within each session. To  make things […]

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It’s time to open-source / make available a utility I wrote more than a year ago. I originally intended to develop it  more whilst doing more TM1 projects, but my focus is mostly BI / DM these days, so I might as well just let it out and make changes by requests, if any. Enter […]

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TM1 MDX querying snippet

cat catching fish

I’m playing around with some TM1 ideas and all of them require some sort of sparsity analysis. And since TM1 supports MDX (to some extent, to say it mildly) and I like MDX and used it a lot with Essbase, I thought it’d be wonderful to use MDX. And any post is better with a cat […]

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