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Cognos Enterprise Planning PAD contents, duplicate entries and deployment problems

Seems like I can rename this blog ‘Reminisces’ any day now. After some years of not prodding into Cognos EP I was asked to look at a rather confusing error. Export deployment wouldn’t work, throwing ‘null’ error¬†initialising object selection dialogue. Yes, as these two IBM support articles (1,2) state: it’s a problem with duplicated objects [...]

Analyzing lots of Cognos Enterprise Planning Application Links

Sometimes you find yourself with a full-blown EP model, containing a 100 or so Contributor Application links and you need to actually find what they do. Opening them one-by-one is very time-consuming. One of my colleagues stumbled in such situation, so I’ve made a quick script that processes application link export files (.cal ones) and [...]

Cognos Enterprise Planning 10.1 is out

What’s new Fix list Nothing revolutionary, performance improvements, fighting with Java-based Rich Client memory footprint and performance. Publishing enhancements seem interesting. Since BI upgrade is required as well, I’d wait for first couple of BI service packs before trying this one out.

Configuring Ms SQL databases for Cognos Enterprise Planning

Just a quick side note — I usually use simple recovery mode in Ms SQL installations because: application databases become inconsistent during administration tasks so having a backup of database in a middle of GTP crash doesn’t give you anything, you’ll have to roll back to GTP start time. So backing up before and after [...]

Back from winter-sleep

Okay, it has been almost half-a-year (oh, dears) since the last decent post on this blog. Russian one has suffered as well, I must note. Reasons vary, but mostly it’s that I’ve been, you know, busy-busy. As I now start to reflect on it, it’s always a point of view thing and a question of [...]

Cognos EP Cut-down models

Just a quick tip: read this cognoise thread thoroughly — really in-depth discussion.

Cognos 8.4 is finally out

Go check the download page. One wonders, what’s that 64-bit BI server is all about — they’ve really pushed the report server further, or that’s just compatability release.

A couple of small, but oh-so vital Cognos Enterprise Planning Enchancements

Why am I writing this? Well, sometime it helped and we now have allocation tables in administration links. Although I’m sure my post didn’t have any impact, some deem hope remains I’m going to repost this into Communities and into Insight. And, maybe, we can create some noise by voting for these enchancements in Insight [...]

New Cognos Planning is finally out

With so-long waited new Contributor client, with expand\collapse and nest dimensions features. And a lot, lot more. ActiveX free ) Actually, as long as I’m with cognos ep (since adaytum 2.4), contributor was always the same good-old-rigid tool, so it’s a revolution indeed. Well, with a huge lot of bugs inside, it’s time, gentlemen, to [...]

More on choosing Dimension for Publish

I already wrote some notes on choosing dimension for publish in this post. Today I just want to add some of points: 1 If you’re up to publishing some serious amount of data, variant with adding a dummy dlist with 1 item and using it as dimension for publish seems a very bad idea.¬† You’re [...]