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Speeding up Contributor publish

2 excellent Proven Practices documents were published today, describing how to speed up publising ( login is required): – using oracle – using ms sql server Same old “If you are loading data, drop indexes” roams

Admin Links from Package troubles

A lot of work stops me from investigating it further, but I’ve experienced some errors in admin links (dlinks) from cognos package when data contained double qoutes (“). I guess, this is due to the fact that package links generate an xml mapping file (source to destination) which contains lines like and this file is [...]

Modeling transactions in Contributor

There are some situations when you definitely need some way of recognizing new input from user. These are rather rare occasions, but when it’s nice to have such a tool is sack. One of the applications was discussed in this communities topic. By the way, I’m spending much time on communities these days (it’s a [...]

Incremental Administration Links

In 8.2 we’ve got incremental publishing, allowing us to create real-time reporting on contributor data and that sets up new frontier in model data transfer speed. Now the slowest part of models are administration links (who’d guessed that when 7.3 appeared). Here are some ideas of how to speed admin links up, using the same [...]

Ways of calculating Running Count to import data into Multi-Line models

I’ve nicked the term “Multi-Line” model out from some cognos best practices presentations. Never known it was called that way ) Multi-Line is only way to go when you have a potentially huge dimension only a tiny bit of which should be available to end-user at a time. Like employee planning, whole dimension of 10k [...]

Security in Cognos 8.3.

Christmas present for us — Cognos EP 8.3 is out. A question for me now is: What will happen to Access Manager, what’s his future? I’ve heard rumors about discontinuation of development\support in near future, I know that some readers have better internal access, so could you please clarify the issue somehow? So we can [...]