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Ways of calculating Running Count to import data into Multi-Line models

I’ve nicked the term “Multi-Line” model out from some cognos best practices presentations. Never known it was called that way ) Multi-Line is only way to go when you have a potentially huge dimension only a tiny bit of which should be available to end-user at a time. Like employee planning, whole dimension of 10k [...]

Open Source BPMS

Intalio makes Open Source Business Process Management (BPM is Business Performance Management, adding an S you get a completely different product). It seems that OS community lacks only some OLAP-server with breakback(write-back, back-solve, call whether you like) to get the planning\budgeting system. Mondrian cannot do that, as far as I know. In analogue with Ms [...]


Just wanted to say that those guys rock. Meaning it, their products always make me feel sorry for implementing smth else. Stable as hell (stopping only for updates), working on slow PCs (a usual desktop). We’re using Jira for about 3 years now, and it’s just the way it should be. Recently discovered Jelly, so [...]

Cognos EP log analysis

One of the main things I carried out of my alma-mater is passion for data. When you’ve got data, so many interesting things can be done . Various analysis, comparison, stats – just givе the data. That was a rather pathetic preambula. Let’s get straight to business. Problem. On recent project I was doing some [...]

Pentaho Data Mining

Acquisition trend affects open-source world as well — Pentaho “acquired” Weka, data-mining toolset to put another brick in their all-covering-BI-wall. Weka is a new name to me, so I’ll toy with it for a while. Just need a sample dataset to get started. Only one at hands is aggregated list of client site EP errors [...]


I like FireFox a lot, and was allways disappointed when changing to IE to view Contributor applications. Recent versions of IETab addon allow to open tabs, using IE as renderer, and, moreover, start contrib apps in FireFox tabs. So I don’t have to switch browser anymore. Hoooray?

Back from vacations. Digging piled mail and feeds. Adaptive Planning – first open-source planning application? (just a less-featured version, but that’s a start). Compiere + some OS BI (including planning) can be a solution in future.

Open Source BI.

They are really baking em as pancakes, i must admit: Pentaho – GreenPlum – Jaspersoft – Eclipse/BIRT – Jpivot – The Bee Project – OpenI – PALO SQL Summit – Breadboard BI – Spago BI – Got the list here.