Analyzing lots of Cognos Enterprise Planning Application Links

Sometimes you find yourself with a full-blown EP model, containing a 100 or so Contributor Application links and you need to actually find what they do. Opening them one-by-one is very time-consuming. One of my colleagues stumbled in such situation, so I’ve made a quick script that processes application link export files (.cal ones) and records their steps metadata (what cubes and apps are connected) into a single csv file that you can analyze in Excel easily.
Result looks like this:
LinkName SourceApplicationState SourceApplication SourceCube TargetApplication TargetCube
Link 1 DEVELOPMENT source_app1 source_cube1 target_app target_cube1
Link 1 DEVELOPMENT source_app2 source_cube2 target_app target_cube1
How to use:
1) install python-2.7 (should work in 3, but I didn’t test).
2) download script archive, unzip it into a separate directory
3) from Contributor Administration Console export needed links into some directory (wish I knew how to automate this)
3) open command prompt, go to directory from 2) and run
python -i directory_you_exported_links_to -o file_with_results.csv
After a minute or so (depends on your links quantity and size) you’ll get your file complete.
You can monitor execution in epllinks_log.txt file.
It’s pretty easy to draw a picture of connected cubes out of it, note me if you’re interested.
All hail to Paul McGuire, author of pyparsing, that I’m using for this script and a much more complex application that does the same for all kinds of TM1 connections (rules and processes).