Cognos BI Javascript: Add a Listener to Tab selection and all sort of prompts manipulation


Time for another multi-page dashboard related JS. It’s fairly complex (I’m not a js programmer, so am biased), works for 10.1 (and should work onwards and backwards, I don’t rely on cognos prompt syntax). The story behind it is quite simple: we’ve started doing dashboard pages as a global prompt on top and multiple report […]

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Learning@Coursera: Data Analysis

I’ve recently taken my first online course: Data Analysis from Coursera. Enrolled while playing with SPSS and, as usual, it started in the middle of working madness. There’s a nasty part of myself that believes that piling things higher would actually mean that more get accomplished and it’s really lame at learning from experience. So […]

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2012 results


I’ve long avoided it, but let’s try a “results & plans” post for 2012. Hoped to publish it on XMas break, then on  New Year, then on Old New Year and then just though that “done is better than good” and decided just to post it anyway. 2012 was a busy year ( although I really can’t […]

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Using Amazon EC2


Virtual machines are the greatest thing since sliced bread and most of us techies use them daily. In this post I would be talking about using Amazon EC2 as a VM hosting platform (we as a company moved everything up there over last 4 months) and as a bonus, will describe the process of converting […]

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Using Cognos Connection Jobs for Orchestration (with Cognos Enterprise Planning and Controller in the pit)


Most of the systems we implement don’t live in vacuum, they have to communicate with lots of neighbours. People often overlook the ability to call stored procedures from Cognos BI reports as a method of running some action, so I’d like to steal your 5 minutes for explaining how to use it to build better […]

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