TM1 application maintenance utility and SingleSignOn

IBM reworked the way approval hierarchies work quite a bit in TM1 10.2. Refreshing any changes to approval hierarchies or updating application security now requires calling a special application maintenance utility. It’s all fairly straightforward, you do the approval subset changes as usual and then run the command line to trigger app_maintenance.bat file. You can […]

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Cognos TM1 Application Server JMX Monitoring

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 4.18.45 pm

As some of you already noticed, TM1 applications server (the java engine that drives your Contributor Applications, Operations Console and (from 10.2) TM1Web), is quite a sensitive beast. And where there’s sensitivity, there’s a need for care monitoring. In this post I’ll show how to attach JConsole to TM1 Application Server for monitoring. TM1 apps […]

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Cognos and OpenStreetMap

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 11.18.16 PM

Got a chance to play with maps in Cognos reports for a recent PoC and learned quite a lot in the process. Most notably, I integrated OpenStreetMap in Cognos report, so I’ll demonstrate how to do it. Looks like this: Cognos and maps overview So you’re up to doing some maps in Cognos reports? I […]

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