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Enterprise PLanning Objects Naming Convention.

As I’ve promised, here are naming conventions I tend to follow in EP projects. Setting up naming rules doesn’t seem so crucial at project start, but generally hits on you on the head on final phase, when development turns to support. And trying to support your colleagues model will leave you thinking about naming objects [...]

Cyclic calculations in Analyst or “Make yourself an own @SliceUpdate”

In the old times, before SliceUpdate first appeared ) we’ve thought that one thing analyst lacked to be really all-in-one tool was ability to do loops. For, while, until — all that nice stuff. And when SliceUpdate was introduced it became clear that @Test(Restart) allows you to cycle macro execution on whatever basis. Using @Test(Restart) [...]

Using @Time BiF to calculate allocations and access tables

I’m afraid that design post was too dense and somebody just missed this useful technique of managing time-related stuff.Using @Time you can get current date and therefore update allocation table importing fact data to include current month. Or lock the past quarter in application, since i’s budget is already accepted.See cognoise theme for an example.

EP TimeScale Dimension

Just a rule to follow. Create time dimension so that detail item iids are consistent\meaningful and then add all summary items. So then in common Months dlist you’d get 1-12 for months, 13 for “1 Quater”, 14 for “2nd Quater” and so on. That will allow you to use simple time arithmetics in dlist formated [...]

Cognos Enterprise Planning Design principles

Usually these are the signs of coming disaster in an EP system: 1) too many dlists of the same “dimension”, some elements thrown out for cutting volumes, calculating or not calculating smth, and you have all seen them laying around just because they seemed to consistent at the time of creation. 2) manually maintained access [...]


I’m just pointing it out again — @Transform is a wonderful BiF, allowing to calculate trigonometric functions, exponentials and logs. If only we’d use them often.

Analyst Break-Back and US Patents

Break-back (write-back, back-solve, anyway you like) is crucial for performing what-if analysis. Being a techie lately and, moreover, writing a PHD on OLAP subject I wanted to find out how that technique is realized in Cognos EP, MS AS and others. Well, they don’t write that in documentation for sure. But there’s a very good [...]

Tip of day

@AddLocalPreselection macro allows you to “slice” all cubes in macro on dlist selection. You can choose one month and all commands in macro will be applied only to this month slices. By setting up an input variable for this macro, you make choice dynamic. Macro starts, you choose month and them all commands are applied [...]

Contributor-Analyst Dataflow organization

If you are using Contributor-Analyst links I recommend using a such scheme: Create 3 libraries for each Contributor application: 1) skl — for skeleton library, containing only Contributor (Update-packed) links 2) exp — for exporting data from Contributor to Analyst, containing all cubes for export. Elist is substituted to a “real” one. 3) imp — [...]

Tip of day

If you need loops in ep, iterative calculations — remember about Test(@Restart) macro. It check a cube slice for non-zero elements, and restarts macro execution if any is found. @Restart is an undocumented attribute of Test macro, usually used with SliceUpdate.