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Cognos 8 EP troubleshooting import data from package

Tip of the day: Having common metadata layer for BI and Enterprise Planning is really cool, especially with the ability to load data from BI packages to EP via links. Just that it sometimes doesn’t work. But there are always some workarounds. With mostly very cryptical error messages or without any. One of the problems [...]

Cognos 8 BI Tuning Hard Drive Usage

Just a quick hint and a reminder: there is a configuration option forcing Cognos to store temporary report results in memory rather than dropping them on disk. It’s especially usefull for DMR’s they are frequently cached on disk. Quote from Architecture and Deployment Guide. Depending on the size of reports and the amount of available [...]

Cognos 8 BI Dashboard Studio

Finally got my hands to installing and trying it. Well, it looks nice, allows flash-based chart formating and turns Cognos portal pages into more dynamic “dashboards”. But it’s strangely slow (tried on a couple of computers) and all in all looks kinda “alpha” and plugged in at last moment. Installation is not that easy too, [...]

Cognos and MS SQL — happy together

 Correcting myself. I was ranting about MS SQL and Cognos interaction. I was totally wrong. The problem, described shortly is: you have 2 databases in MS SQL residing on the same physical server you create a join “table A from db1 with table B from db2” Cognos creates two select queries (select * from db1.A) [...]

Default Framework Manager package publish folder

Just a quick tip — this setting is stored in “lastPublishCM” property of fm.ini file Gave me some trouble recently, when language changes led to unappropriate publish folder name. Moreover, we were not able to publish anything at all ) Changing this file helped. Found via FileMonitor from sysinternals, as usual.

Back from winter-sleep

Okay, it has been almost half-a-year (oh, dears) since the last decent post on this blog. Russian one has suffered as well, I must note. Reasons vary, but mostly it’s that I’ve been, you know, busy-busy. As I now start to reflect on it, it’s always a point of view thing and a question of [...]

Cognos EP Cut-down models

Just a quick tip: read this cognoise thread thoroughly — really in-depth discussion.

Cognos BI and MS SQL — not meant for each other?

We’ve encountered an annoying Cognos 8 bug recently.  Usual scenario if you’re creating reports over Enterprise Planning data includes “unioning” data from several applications.  For example, you have an Operating Expenditures planning application and a Sales Planning application. To make a simple P&L, you just have to show up data from both these applications. So [...]

A couple of small, but oh-so vital Cognos Enterprise Planning Enchancements

Why am I writing this? Well, sometime it helped and we now have allocation tables in administration links. Although I’m sure my post didn’t have any impact, some deem hope remains I’m going to repost this into Communities and into Insight. And, maybe, we can create some noise by voting for these enchancements in Insight [...]

New Cognos Planning is finally out

With so-long waited new Contributor client, with expand\collapse and nest dimensions features. And a lot, lot more. ActiveX free ) Actually, as long as I’m with cognos ep (since adaytum 2.4), contributor was always the same good-old-rigid tool, so it’s a revolution indeed. Well, with a huge lot of bugs inside, it’s time, gentlemen, to [...]