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Back from winter-sleep

Okay, it has been almost half-a-year (oh, dears) since the last decent post on this blog. Russian one has suffered as well, I must note. Reasons vary, but mostly it’s that I’ve been, you know, busy-busy. As I now start to reflect on it, it’s always a point of view thing and a question of [...]

Enterprise Planning Professional Certification

I’m a pro now ) Nice test, there were some really interesting questions and it requires some competency with cognos bi. k I think I can guess what 4 questions I’ve answered wrong. Technically, it’s 1 hour, 57 questions, pass score 75%. Much easier in Russia, since you gain + 40 minutes due to different [...]

Cognos BIO-130 Certification

I’ve tried to pass Cognos BI Modeler exam this weekend and failed. That leaves me rather disappointed and anxious for another try. Some notes and comparison with EP certification:- BI Modeler is way faster (~110 questions in 2,5 hours vs ~135 in 3,5 for EP)- BI Modeler is problem oriented (most questions consider sql\modeling problems, [...]