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TM1 MDX querying snippet

I’m playing around with some TM1┬áideas and all of them require some sort of sparsity analysis. And since TM1 supports MDX (to some extent, to say it mildly) and I like MDX and used it a lot with Essbase, I thought it’d be wonderful to use MDX. And any post is better with a cat [...]

TM1 Load Testing and TM1 9.5.2 Parallel Interaction Feature

We’ve just finished our TM1 load-testing project and there are some conclusions I’d like to share: 1) Stress-testing scenarios should model user’s behavior as closely as possible (hence all that xml configuration in stress-testing tool) 2) Performance whack-a-mole game is a non-ending one, you’d better put yourself some deadlines where to stop at 3) Real-model [...]

Stress testing TM1 models

Ever thought about load testing your dear-loved TM1 project? Emulating a hundred (or hundreds) users reading and writing data simultaneously? it’s easy and simple! Never trust sales slogans like above. Any kind of stress testing system should be approached with a huge amount of doubt, as well as this one. But it’s a simple and [...]

Java vs K

I spend some time tinkering with array-processing languages (think APL). They’re so nice & smooth when it comes to stats and multidimensional calculations. A nice video, showing how to solve Birthday problem in both Java and K (best of  breed, core of KDB). It’s all about counting probability of two people in a room having [...]