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Setting up ODI file-CDC capabilities

How to set up a trick called ‘put a file in a folder and it’ll dissappear in DWH’ with Oracle Data Integrator. Imagine that we need to upload a text file in DWH whenever it appears in some folder with no defined schedule. It really easy to do in ODI: 1) Create a package with [...]

Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle XE and JDBC NLS problems

Since I’ve spent a day breaking through this mess, I’d share my way of getting ODI to work with XE as a repository. ODI repository creation is sucessfull, but after that Topology Manager and all other ODI modules won’t work, throwing “ORA-12705: invalid or unknown NLS parameter value specified” while connecting to XE. There are [...]

Oracle Data Integrator + Jython : How to drop all indexes on table

I’m currently building a warehouse using ODI, so I’ll share some findings as it goes. And there’s be Cognos BI on top of it and EP is one of the sources, so I’m still close to the roots ) Disclaimer: I’m Oracle & ODI n00b — there are (?) better ways of accomplishing these tasks [...]