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Open Source BPMS

Intalio makes Open Source Business Process Management (BPM is Business Performance Management, adding an S you get a completely different product). It seems that OS community lacks only some OLAP-server with breakback(write-back, back-solve, call whether you like) to get the planning\budgeting system. Mondrian cannot do that, as far as I know. In analogue with Ms [...]

Pentaho Data Mining

Acquisition trend affects open-source world as well — Pentaho “acquired” Weka, data-mining toolset to put another brick in their all-covering-BI-wall. Weka is a new name to me, so I’ll toy with it for a while. Just need a sample dataset to get started. Only one at hands is aggregated list of client site EP errors [...]

Open Source BI.

They are really baking em as pancakes, i must admit: Pentaho – http://www.pentaho.org GreenPlum – http://www.greenplum.com Jaspersoft – www.jaspersoft.com Eclipse/BIRT – http://www.eclipse.org/birt/ Jpivot – http://jpivot.sourceforge.net/ The Bee Project – www.bee.insightstrategy.cz/en/index.html OpenI – www.openi.org PALO www.palo.net SQL Summit – www.sqlsummit.com/trends/OpenSourceBI.htm Breadboard BI – www.breadboardbi.com Spago BI – http://spagobi.objectweb.org/ Got the list here.