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Signed &downloaded PerformancePoint CTP

Going to install/toy with it in free time. And just before I’ll be more informed, the current view is:I think the strong points of Ms BI(CPM\EPM, call it whether you like) are:1 None (or little) integration problems. All niche-BI vendors spend a lot of effort integrating acquired  products (for ex, Cognos with Adaytum&Frango, BO with [...]

Performance Point Updates

Ok, I’m slow, but I get there in time. Well, mostly. Craig spreads the word about Ms recruiting experienced BPM sales-force to start PerformancePoint campaign. And Charlie points to a couple of PerformancePoint interviews and a new-to-me resource EyeOnBI. Interviews are about nothing, but anyway it’s 6-9 months to serious PerformancePoint launch, so it’s time [...]

MS is going to CPM

Analytic article on subject And antoher So MS is out here on CPM market, gaining force by name and customer list. In my opinion it sounds rather bad for other “pure BI” players, like Cognos, BO, MSTR, Applix and so on. As far as I can see, those vendors are only developing fully-integrated CPM solutions [...]