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TM1 Load Testing and TM1 9.5.2 Parallel Interaction Feature

We’ve just finished our TM1 load-testing project and there are some conclusions I’d like to share: 1) Stress-testing scenarios should model user’s behavior as closely as possible (hence all that xml configuration in stress-testing tool) 2) Performance whack-a-mole game is a non-ending one, you’d better put yourself some deadlines where to stop at 3) Real-model [...]

TM1 model comparison tool

Another simple script, this time about reporting changes between a couple TM1 models. Developed for pre dev->prod migration in one of our projects, but maybe useful for answering ‘what did we change since backup?’ or even ‘what did they change while we weren’t around?’ questions. I’ve made random changes to Planning Sample — here’s the [...]

Optimizing tm1 calculations (with pictures!)

Found myself using both of my new toy-scripts while stress-testing TM1: I vizualize model data flow (way bigger than PlanSample in this picture, but node filtering helps). Looking at such graph it’s easy to see model inputs (to left side), hardest calculations (these are the gordian knots) and reporting cubes. So I just start pouring [...]

Stress testing TM1 models

Ever thought about load testing your dear-loved TM1 project? Emulating a hundred (or hundreds) users reading and writing data simultaneously? it’s easy and simple! Never trust sales slogans like above. Any kind of stress testing system should be approached with a huge amount of doubt, as well as this one. But it’s a simple and [...]

Analyzing lots of Cognos Enterprise Planning Application Links

Sometimes you find yourself with a full-blown EP model, containing a 100 or so Contributor Application links and you need to actually find what they do. Opening them one-by-one is very time-consuming. One of my colleagues stumbled in such situation, so I’ve made a quick script that processes application link export files (.cal ones) and [...]

Using Oracle Model clause in real-life )

I’ve been a long-term fan of oracle model by clause, talking about here and there, doing some small&funny examples (like eight queens solution in one select) but lacked some real-life necessity to use it. It always turned out that partition by was enough, or some tricky analytical function was already built-in (like trend calculations I [...]

Creating a Transformer task-balancing cluster, using Cognos 8 balancer

One more DIY article. This time we’ll talk about… You have more than a dozen Power Cubes (20?50?100?)? And since you can use only 2 CPUs per cube on Windows platform and “update-windows” are only narrowing, you have a couple servers (3?5?)? And so you get the task of carefully splitting cube creation tasks on [...]

SQL worst practices

If anything you do is somehow related to databases, you absolutely, definitely have to see these videos: Part 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40Lnoyv-sXg Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbZgnAINjUw Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y70FmugnhPU Go the links from Tom Kyte’s blog.

Ways of calculating Running Count to import data into Multi-Line models

I’ve nicked the term “Multi-Line” model out from some cognos best practices presentations. Never known it was called that way ) Multi-Line is only way to go when you have a potentially huge dimension only a tiny bit of which should be available to end-user at a time. Like employee planning, whole dimension of 10k [...]

Oracle Data Integrator + Jython : How to drop all indexes on table

I’m currently building a warehouse using ODI, so I’ll share some findings as it goes. And there’s be Cognos BI on top of it and EP is one of the sources, so I’m still close to the roots ) Disclaimer: I’m Oracle & ODI n00b — there are (?) better ways of accomplishing these tasks [...]