MS is going to CPM

Analytic article on subject
And antoher
So MS is out here on CPM market, gaining force by name and customer list.
In my opinion it sounds rather bad for other “pure BI” players, like Cognos, BO, MSTR, Applix and so on. As far as I can see, those vendors are only developing fully-integrated CPM solutions (sure for Cognos and BO), and suffer from need to integrate different purchrased technologies into one platform (Cognos: Controller (ex-Frango) on .NET, EP (ex-Adaytum) on it’s on MDDB, 8 BI on J2EE (yet various components on their own basis)). MS has a “clean-start”, a common platform, an own RDBMS, OLAP-engine, Workflow-server, Integration-engine and it’s own Excel as most favoured CPM client. It’ll buggy, it’ll be rather costy, it’ll run only on Windows 🙂
No choice on market?
PS: I’ll write some on Oracle CPM, but not today.