A post JustInTime of job-change awareness.
summing what IT worker needs
As always: interesting work, money, enviroment.
What is an interesting work — is much more of a question. But strictly personal one.
As for me (no ranking yet possible):

    Seeing real results of my work. That keeps me from big4 paper-work. A working systems gives lots of delight.
    Demanding. I like hard tasks (architectural design, optimal solution finding). Too bad they aren’t like Martin Gardner’s mathematical perils, sometimes not having any answer.
    Problem solving. While implementing Cognos we often collide with “as is” data input forms or reports. Nothing much for Excel, but a really tough one in Cognos. And they are equal. Developing a workaround for such a variant makes me angry, because this a meaningless. Therefore I keep asking people why they are using this or that, and hate creating reports (2px column there, 3px line there)

Thinking on list above got me to the fact that I’m not a technology muncher anymore, regarding programs as tools and focusing on problem solving.
Yet I shifted to gentoo linux for personal usage, write python and demand openness, where possible. It could save so many hours spent with oracle profiler to see where Adaytum 2.4 Contributor crashes. Sigh.