Analyst Breack-back tips. Multiple hierarchies.

Thing you rarely run at.
What will happen if you trigger a breack-back on two hierarchies at the same time, with some elements belonging to both of hierarchies? Via d-link?

Got to it on practice, when 5 or 6 profiles were mashing up, and the multiple breack-backs to be triggered by a link.
Possible variants are:
1) Data is transfered by elems, with a recalculate after every elem. Then a breack-back is triggered by the first input, profile is reset, and later breack-backs are broken, due to profile mixup
2) Data is inputed in all elems, and then recalculated. Perfect situation, allows to store all profiles, and then to breack-back accross multiple intersecting hierarchies.

Variant 1 reignes, and I expected 2.
So if you need a cross-elem breack-back you have to split the cubes, for each one of them posses it’s own profile and calculate a breack-back. And then to summ it up in a consolidation one.