Cognos BI SDK revisited

After, oh my god, 4 years, I’ve spent a couple of days typing Cognos 10 SDK Java code. What changed in BI automating during this period?

Well, the biggest change was trivial: I’ve forgot everything 😉

But that turned out to be good news, since version 8.3 to version 10 changes are huge. I remember reading SDK Developer Guide overnight for 8.3, but now it’s 3,500+ pages long! As it turns out, you can still read all the needed stuff in a short time period, but understanding what to read is a challenge.

So it’s best to start with this proven practice article, providing some kind of helicopter view of what can be achieved by what parts of SDK.

Also take a look on this 4 part blog series by Peter Beck of BI Professional site.

From there, I suggest you dive into sdk\samples folder and look through the code provided there. However complicated it may look, it’s actually way more integrated than any Knowledge Base\Technote code sample you can download, since extending those turns into rewriting the built-in samples functionality. Trust me on this, I’ve spent half a day doing exactly that before giving up and building upon existing samples.

Where to look when you’re stuck trying to understand a code piece or function? I used javadoc generated documentation instead of Developer Guide, because it’s Java-specific. I used Developer Guide just like an overall Class&Methods reference.

As for packing samples content: minimum required set for content store manipulation (add\remove group, members etc) is (all paths are from sdk\java\):
Common\ — connecting to Cognos Services
Secuity\ — you’re not using Anonymous  logon, do you?
HandlerCS\ — all Content store manipulation wrap-ups

Some more SDK sample links:

Cognoise SDK for Cognos 8 forum

Cognoise SDK for Cognos 10 forum

IBM SDK-related articles and Technotes


PS: It’s funny, I’ve wrote both TM1 Java API code and BI 10 SDK in last three months ) Can’t think about any combined methods that’d be useful. Any ideas?