Drug Discovery, Development & Commercialization at Coursera

Just finished yet another Coursera course and am very impressed by quality of content and lectures. This time it was more of a ’subject matter’/‘business’ course rather than the usual technical stuff. Pharmaceuticals is definitely my ‘main’ industry: I spent a lot of time doing projects for various pharma companies in multiple countries. My first project, 14 years ago (sniff-sniff),…

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TM1 application maintenance utility and SingleSignOn


IBM reworked the way approval hierarchies work quite a bit in TM1 10.2. Refreshing any changes to approval hierarchies or updating application security now requires calling a special application maintenance utility. It’s all fairly straightforward, you do the approval subset changes as usual and then run the command line to trigger app_maintenance.bat file. You can…

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Cognos TM1 Application Server JMX Monitoring

As some of you already noticed, TM1 applications server (the java engine that drives your Contributor Applications, Operations Console and (from 10.2) TM1Web), is quite a sensitive beast. And where there’s sensitivity, there’s a need for care monitoring. In this post I’ll show how to attach JConsole to TM1 Application Server for monitoring. TM1 apps…

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