New Cognos Planning is finally out

With so-long waited new Contributor client, with expand\collapse and nest dimensions features. And a lot, lot more. ActiveX free ) Actually, as long as I’m with cognos ep (since adaytum 2.4), contributor was always the same good-old-rigid tool, so it’s a revolution indeed.

Well, with a huge lot of bugs inside, it’s time, gentlemen, to power up virtual machines and start testing it all over. We need to log on maximum of bugs before sp1.

New enterprise planning goes under Cognos 8.4 (BI version was out a month earlier), and this minor number increase doesn’t reflect the amount of changes. They’d better start it of with 9.0 it seems.

  • Pablo

    I see the notice and downloaded the new features guide. It´s only about new contributor client, bug fixes since 8.3 and use of A-Table in administration links or there is more ?