Finally Cognos BI Software Development Kit is free to use

In case you missed the news, Cognos Software Development Kit became a part of BI Administrator license during the latest IBM license revamp. That’s fantastic news, because you get heaps of functionality for free. You don’t need to be particularly savvy with Java and .Net, there dozens of sample utilities released by IBM where you only need to substitute parameters and use them straight-away.

Just a few samples:

You can find a good introduction to Cognos SDK here and here.

I wrote about SDK a few times (1, 2) and am thinking about open-sourcing everything I have ever written in SDK. Let me know if you’d find it helpful.

To my infinite amusement, the only way I know to get a list of IBM SDK samples is a google query like this

  • Thanks for sharing this, for years I’ve wanted to get a hold of the SDK but could never justify the cost.

    Any idea how or where to download the SDK? I figure it’s gotta be on passport advantage, somewhere…

  • ykud

    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry for the delay, got swamped by work:

    Passport Advantage Assembly number is CIM1WML

  • I know how that can be so thanks for the response

    Oh how I despise that passport advantage site. That assembly number took me straight to it though, so thanks again.

  • ykud

    Yep, Passport Advantage is definitely a complex beast )

    Glad it worked out.

  • Tim Wright

    I don’t believe it is free! The free part is that the capabilities of the new license types allow the user to use it. There is still the cost of the actual SDK which is £6K.

  • Name

    Please open source any SDK code that you have written. There are almost no examples other than the IBM Cognos Samples.

  • thebrenda

    please let me know if you open source your SDK code. It would be really useful. bgrossnickle at bellsouth dot net

  • DuisIrade

    A very good thing that this kind of software is now available and for free for those people who wanted to improve their performance in developing software and on how are they going to promote another way in their work to become better.

  • Basu R

    Hi Ykud, Is there a developer version of Cognos SDK that I can download for free ? I searched in IBM site and googled all combinations. All lead to passport advantage where i can’t locate it..

  • Sanjay Sutradhar

    I want to gave cognos group (Read,Execute and Traverse) permission using java code.
    Will you please help me to resolve this issue.

    Thanks and Regards

    Sanjay Sutradhar