TM1 Puzzles and Diversions. Consolidated Feeders


I’m running our interpactice (we’ve got Singpapore and Sydney offices) TM1 sessions. Currently playing with the “quick / easy / conceptual puzzles” approach. Beats my lecturing so far -)
I’ll publish some old ones in this blog, post the answers in comments or in an email on If you can answer the question #2 for this one correctly and explain it — beer/wine is on me, I failed it.

TM1 model is the set up as the screenshot below.
Question 1) : What will be displayed in Target, D, Jan cell?
Question 2) Same question, feeder changed
Question 3) Same question, feeder changed

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  • bhaskar

    Ans 1) 50 , where A (consolidation of B and C ) feeds A and C Feeds C
    Ans 2) 30 , A being a consolidation children are FED , but I believe both Band C will feed only A and not to C
    Ans 3) 30 , B and C will Feed A .
    Please Let me know if these answers are correct

  • bhaskar

    Realised i was wrong in first two cases will 20 and 20 in both the casse and A never gets Fed ,because using a reference of the element on the right hand dosent change anything so if A=>!acc,is similar to B=>B and c=> C.
    Thanks for posting this

  • ykud

    Yep, second time the charm )



  • Sachin Kulkarni

    The answers are visible in the bottom left of the screenshots :) … can you please block them?

  • ykud

    As many others, you’re easily baited )

  • Chris Huang

    I guess the answer is
    Q1: 20
    ( A in the target cube is not fed , as the feeder from source does inlcude A because they’re fired from N level only )
    Q2: 20
    (Again , the same logic as Q1 , )
    Q3: 30
    (A is the only one get fed )

  • ykud

    Yep, that’s perfect )

  • Art

    Hi Ykud,

    Just a question. I am particular for the last scenario.
    Why is there a need to feed A in the SourceCube when it’s not a rule-driven? The only answer that comes to mind is because it’s needed to feed itself in the Target cube. Without that feeder, A will still have the consolidated value in Source cube, but A element in the Target cube will not be fed.
    Been using TM1 for quite long now, but I am embarrassed with my question :) :S

  • ykud

    There is no need to feed A in source cube (any consolidation will be fed by having an input value in any of the children).

    Source A => Target A is actually rewritten in the backend to children elements like this:
    Source B => Target A
    Source C => Target A

    Anything [Consolidated]=> is converted to
    [0level Children of Consolidated]=>

    Hope this helps,